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Meet Trent Perez

Army Veteran, Entrepreneur, Engineer

Trent Perez, civil engineer, entrepreneur, US Army veteran, and former Pearland City Councilmember is the conservative choice in the race to succeed Ed Thompson as the next State Representative for District 29. With a strong background in engineering and a deep commitment to the people of Brazoria County, Perez has been an instrumental figure in driving progress and positive change in the region.

Perez has always put service first. From high school he served the nation in the US Army. He went on to earn a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Houston, work his way to pay for his education. Later serving as an assistant city engineer for the City of Pearland, where he successfully managed and supervised the development of numerous projects across the city.

Trent's Priorities For District 29

Border Security

We are a nation under assault. Human trafficking, the drug trade, and transnational cartels affect everyone. Texas must continue to take extraordinary steps to do what the federal government won’t.

School Choice

Most of our schools in Texas a great – but some are failing their student, parents and the community. No child should be deprived of a quality education because of their zip code. Empowering parents with the tools to choose what’s right for their child will always be the right thing to do.

Property Taxes

Cities, counties, and school districts rely on property taxes to fund their operation. Their locally elected leaders must address the needs of their constituents but have to remember that they have to live within the financial constraints of their voters. The legislature has established new limits on what they can spend without voter approval – a great step to curtail past abuses by some local governments.

Public Safety

Public safety is government first responsibility. We need to ensure that law enforcement is supported and funded. Judges and District Attorneys who disregard the laws and public safety and who turn dangerous criminals lose must be stopped.